Fit to the Core specializes in women over forty and the older adult population providing one-on-one personal training in their home or preferred location, although clients of all ages are accepted.

Core and stability training focusing on functional movements is the goal. Starting on the inside out will create a strong core foundation to build upon that will create more efficient movement within your body.

For those who cannot meet one-on-one a unique and efficient program via Skye or phone is available. Just 30 minutes a week will keep you on track to reach your fitness and wellness goals.

I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. After years of working in accounting and income tax preparation, I decided to make a career change and finally become a fitness professional.

I had a desire to help other women my age (Boomer Babes!) discover the benefits of weight training, as I had. I became a personal trainer in 2001, although my self-education in fitness and nutrition goes back 27 years. I went on to finish my bachelor degree in fitness and wellness. Being a Certified Functional Aging Specialist, my programs are not the typical big box gym workouts. Those types of workouts have not shown to transfer to better function. My evidence-based programs will help you to move and function better so that you can do all the things on your bucket list as you get older.

I specialize in working with women over forty and seniors, although I work with all ages that are struggling with health issues and need some guidance in making lasting lifestyle changes.

I'll be 50 years old in March and although I'm not terribly overweight, I've been feeling tired all the time and my clothes were getting downright tight all over. I tried lowering my food intake and counting my calories. I even stopped eating bread and chips and drinking any soda. But, my sedentary lifestyle was continuing to creep up on me. Since I saw your website and emailed and started our One-on-One Personal Training Program I'm already fitting back into my clothes! Thank you, Beverly.

a better approach

a better approach

Fitness is not just about looking good in the mirror. It's about being healthy and free of disease throughout all the stages of our lives. It's about quality living. I can help to guide you through the many changes our bodies go through to ensure a healthy future.

My goal is not to make my clients dependent on me. I want to empower and educate them, encouraging them to be proactive about their health. I approach health and wellness holistically focusing on disease prevention/management using natural, alternative approaches. Although fitness and nutrition are important, we are bombarded with toxins and chemicals in our lives that can create disease and dysfunction as we get older. Detox and anti-aging approaches to health can help create optimal health that will keep us full of vitality and free of medications and their side effects well into our later years.

And for those who are experienced fitness enthusiasts, take advantage of my online program design for offering you more challenging programs and variety.

Let me help you discover a love for health and fitness that will truly last a lifetime.

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