We offer online personal training or one-to-one personal training (either in your home or at our private studio in North Phoenix). We offer four different levels of plans, all of which include a wellness assessment and a custom-designed fitness program each month. Other levels include weekly email reminders, telephone consultations, nutritional assessment & counseling.



Wellness coaching consists of a weekly 30-minute session, which can be conducted in person or by telephone. You will set weekly goals, discuss challenges and how to overcome them, and receive nutritional counseling at these sessions. You will also receive a monthly fitness program. Studies have shown that people are more successful at sticking to their fitness goals when they regular contact with their support coach!

Working out with Beverly I have noticed big changes! She made it easier to stick to my goal by creating a workout plan that was just for me. She took the time to get to know my personality, and knows how to push me hard enough, but isn't a drill sergeant. Thank you Beverly for being the butt-kicker I need!

Grocery Shopping Tour

Grocery Tour

Learn how to shop to support your goals and health. Let Beverly take you on a trip to the grocery store to teach you how to make healthier choices when shopping and how to read food labels. Afterward, we will analyze your kitchen pantry and/or refrigerator contents and decide which foods are supporting your goals. You can even bring your family along!


FTTC helps parents create a healthy home environment for themselves and their children. Learn how to model a healthy lifestyle for your children, how to get the family active, healthy cooking lessons, healthy grocery shopping, and other wellness topics. Sessions can also include fitness assessments and personal training sessions for any family members.

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